Five Date ideas for a Married Couple. Never Stop Dating!

I always saw that dating your spouse is not only important in your marriage, it’s ESSENTIAL!!!!! Here are five (5) date ideals for you and your spouse!


  1. Classic Movie Night ( inside your house or in your backyard)!! I found a great deal on a movie projector and screen from Amazon.
  2. Game night and make it Competitive. Example, the looser have to make the winners  bath water and give a thirty (30) minute Massage!
  3. Drive to a scenic place so you guys can park your car and relax, talk, and watch the sunset together!! If you really like the outdoors bring your bikes or get your hiking gear!!!
  4. Picnic ( this can even be at your local park or if it’s to cold inside your home!
  5. Cooking together creating a romantic fun five (5) course dinner.


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