Hosting for Thanksgiving.... Top 7 ideas on creating a fun, loving and memorable family thanksgiving experience even during a pandemic!

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There is no secret that Thanksgiving will look and feel a lot different this year. If you’re feeling like you don’t know what to do and you’re feeling bummed about your thanksgiving traditions, DON’T WORRY my friend!!! This year social distant Thanksgiving can be fun, memorable, and a time to really reflect on what you’re truly thankful for with the people you care so much about!


This year has been very challenging for a lot of us, but we don’t have to let this unfortunate year of circumstance put a big damper in every special moment and event we look forward to!


Here is a list of 7 ideas I put together that you can use for your socially distant Thanksgiving celebration.


First things first:


  1. Plan a one host location 


    It’s common tradition to go around to different family members’ homes and celebrate Thanksgiving with as much family and friends as you can.This year it may be better to limit your Thanksgiving celebrations to one family or friends home. Setting one location can make everyone feel a lot safer during these times and encourage a better Thanksgiving experience. One of the things I always feel is so important, is that you are able to enjoy the time you have during holiday season with your loved ones.



  1. Choose one person to cook


For sanitation safety and to reduce cross contamination, having one designated cook this year will definitely help with that. The less people preparing the food this year, the better when it comes to keeping your family members  and friends safe.  Having sanitizer available throughout your home will help promote a cleaner and safer environment for you and your guest. Encourage the wearing of masks when serving food, going inside for the restroom, and any moments or areas where social distance just can’t be kept. Yes, there is so much controversy with mask but we can make it fun and add a game with a prize for who has the best thanksgiving mask!!!



  1. Buffet-style Feast

  Since the traditional community style tables are not really advised this year, have each family serve themselves as a unit. Have disposal utensils, plastic or even fancy paper cups and plates. When everyone is done eating you can designate one location spot with a big trashcan so everyone can throw their items away. This can minimize close contact with germs during clean up for everyone!




  1. Host Thanksgiving dinner outside 


  Maybe Thanksgiving this year is warmer than average where you live!! Having a fun enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner outside could be a exciting and new way to celebrate the holiday. You can add some fun fall decorations, and create a new memorable Thanksgiving experience. Want to go even further creating a unforgettable thanksgiving experience, add a screen and a projector to watch the football games and for a fun family holiday movie night!!!


  1. Team Effort


Please remember, this is team work! Don’t leave all the work to just one person! Maybe one of your siblings can takes care of games for the kids, grandma or in my case my mom can bake individual-servings of her famous sweet potato pie, and you, the host, take care of other logistics. Don’t feel bad to ask your guests to bring their own chairs, picnic blankets, or drinks to reduce points of contact. I’m sure during these times and since they are your friends and family they will sure understand! 😉


  1. Family & friends Thanksgiving Games!


Have family members, including children, play games. Come up with some no-contact games everyone can play together, like Thanksgiving Family Feud,Thanksgiving Charades, Thanksgiving Bingo, Thanksgiving Pictionary, Thanksgiving Word Search, Thanksgiving Trivia, Thanksgiving Scattergories, & much much more you can play to really create a fun thanksgiving experience. You can provide prizes that you can send digitally and that can be sent directly to the winner or used online! Don’t forget to have guest bring their own pin or even have some disposable pins on hand!


  1. Make it fun!


Just because the party is designed for more safety does not mean it can’t be first class!  For most of us this year is not what we expected to be, especially during the holidays. However, just being around family and friends in a safe environment makes everything special and memorable.


I hope you have enjoyed my 7 ideas on creating a fun, loving and memorable family thanksgiving experience! Please feel free to leave comments and don’t forget about Momma Full Circle Thanksgiving Giveaway that ends 11/25/2020 at 11:59pm. The winners will be announced Thanksgiving Day on instagram. Details of the giveaway is on the Blog posted 11/17/2020!


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